At PCTECHNZ, we provide high level design, consultancy, implementation and support and managed services for the delivery of infrastructure, cloud solutions, and cybersecurity services. We deliver seamless transition during platform migrations and manageable security across your infrastructure, whatever your strategy. We have proven expertise in delivering and reducing the cost of owning Microsoft technologies, together with the closest working relationships with Microsoft and our other key partners.

We pride ourselves on the quality and commitment of our people. Microsoft relies on capability and customers tell us we provide all the elements that they are looking for in a trusted supplier:

  • Understanding, flexibility, stability and integrity
  • Regular and effective communication in plain English
  • The ability to translate complexity into quality delivery
  • Proven experience
  • Pragmatism to ensure that needs are met yet costs are contained
  • Transparent charging structure

Through our partnerships we bring a blend of skills and experience to provide flexible, scalable and secure solutions to you the customer. We can draw of the extensive knowledge and expertise of our own people and partners to ensure we deliver the best solution for your business.

Our commitment is to work with you, to understand your business needs and to deliver a right solution to address your business requirements at the right time for your business.

We have built our reputation on helping our customers get the best performance from their IT investment.