IT Consultancy

We provide transparent guidance and strategic planning across all facets of your ICT infrastructure, without any concealed fees or compromises on technical quality.

Cybersecurity Consultancy

Recommend security measures, and help with implementation of security solutions to protect against cyber threats

IT Strategy Consulting

Help businesses to develop a comprehensive IT strategy aligned with your overall business goals

Business Consulting

Help businesses identify processes that can be automated to improve efficiency and reduce costs

Cloud Consulting

Assist in the migration to cloud services, helping businesses choose the right cloud solutions, ensuring data security

Aligned IT Services to your goals

Whether it’s implementing strategies, delivering key projects on time, or procuring top-tier technology, our IT services are designed to align with your business goals. Our focus is on driving your organization’s growth and future success.

Our proven and effective approach to IT Consultancy

Creation of a comprehensive IT strategy

Following an in-depth analysis of your business requirements, our consultants formulate cutting-edge IT strategies that integrate the newest software and data-driven solutions to optimize your IT infrastructure.

Constant performance measurement

At PCTECHNZ, we maintain ongoing partnerships with our clients to ensure enduring success. By regularly assessing performance, identifying areas of concern, and proactively addressing issues before they become bottlenecks, we help optimize your business efficiency through continual IT performance measurement

Implementation of IT strategy

After crafting a tailor-made IT strategy, we deploy our tools and resources to achieve quick and precise outcomes.

Suggestions for improvements

PCTECHNZ is committed to offering candid feedback to our clients, including recommending enhancements and evaluating potential risks within your operations. Our proactive approach in understanding and anticipating client needs underscores our enthusiasm for delivering innovative IT solutions.

Why choose us for IT consultancy?

Utilising IT is essential for achieving both growth and success. By partnering with us, you gain the advantage of collaborating with our skilled team of professionals who are equipped to provide strategic advice, comprehensive consultation, seamless delivery, effective management, and ongoing support.

Our IT consultant solution

We adhere to a streamlined five-step IT consultancy methodology to ensure you receive comprehensive information, assistance, and support tailored to your needs.


Prior to initiating any project, we will invest the necessary time to comprehensively grasp your specific requirements, overarching vision, and targeted objectives.


Upon achieving a thorough understanding of your needs, we will proceed to formulate a comprehensive plan. Rest assured, our commitment to transparent and effective communication ensures adaptability throughout the consultancy process.


Following the analysis and planning phases, we will synthesise all gathered insights to architect your envisioned solution, which we are then poised to execute.


Upon finalising the designs, we will commence the execution phase to actualise your strategic roadmap, thereby advancing you toward the realisation of your business objectives.


Whether your needs encompass routine management or high-level oversight, our team will be readily available to assist, with a focus on continual enhancement for long-term success.

We can help with more than just consultancy

  • IT Solutions
  • Business Continuity
  • Cloud Technology Solutions
  • Cyber Security
  • IT Procurement Services
  • IT Strategic Consulting Services & Support
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Let’s work together

We work as a single united team with leading technology firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.

PCTECHNZ has been managing our IT requirements for a number of years, supplying hardware, programme installation, repairs and technical support. Our calls for help have been answered promptly, the services provided are quick, efficient and top quality. We are often under a lot of pressure, and a quick, reliable service provider is paramount, PCTECHNZ tick all the boxes. Highly recommended.

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