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Office 365

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What is Microsoft Office 365?

In every business, the need to convey information is inevitable, the focus often shifts to email and efficiency-enhancing software that ensures seamless business operations.

At PCTECHNZ, we specialise in offering customised Office 365 plans, featuring per-user configurations to meet the specific requirements of your business.

Our offerings range from ‘Business Essentials’ to ‘Business Premium,’ catering to a diverse set of corporate needs.

The storage solutions offered by Office 365 are second to none, and at PCTECHNZ, we make it a priority to stay abreast of the latest developments in these offerings. This ensures that our clients always receive top-notch support tailored to their needs.

Microsoft is a frontrunner in this domain, and by keeping current with their technology and services, you position yourself to stay ahead of the competition.

The ability to efficiently share and store files translates into significant time and cost savings for your business. PCTECHNZ is equipped to guide you through the myriad ways your organisation can capitalize on these advantages.

Office 365 support is all about effective communication, and this extends to the integration of Microsoft Teams as well. Whether you’re dealing with technical challenges, seeking guidance on feature usage, or looking to optimise your cloud services, the focus remains on clear and efficient communication. Microsoft Teams enhances this by offering a collaborative platform where you can chat, meet, share files, and work together seamlessly.

This ensures that you can fully leverage your Office 365 package, whether you’re on the ‘Business Essentials’ plan or the more comprehensive ‘Business Premium’ option.

Benefitting your business

  • Reduce costs

    Highly cost-effective and easily scalable to support business expansion

  • Collaboration

    Collaborate effectively from anywhere with chat, online meetings and calling with Microsoft Teams

  • Eliminate headaches

    Let us handle your IT management, freeing you to concentrate on your primary business activities

  • Secure your Device

    Ensures the security of your data, even when accessed from employees’ personal devices

  • Enhance connectivity

    We can link your team and systems to provide uninterrupted communication, regardless of location

  • Safeguard data

    Safeguard data against cyber threats, block unauthorized access, and prevent accidental erasure

  • Increase Productivity

    Our proficiency in cybersecurity substantially reduces the risk of a data breach

  • Automate business processes

    Streamline routine business tasks to liberate your time

Move to Office 365

PCTECHNZ offers a comprehensive migration service to effortlessly transition your corporate data to Office 365, guaranteeing zero downtime and data loss. Contact us today to learn more about how our Cloud Migration Services can benefit your business.

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Office 365 FAQ


Microsoft 365, formerly known as Office 365, is an integrated suite of cloud-based services, productivity tools, and cybersecurity features that empower businesses to collaborate and operate securely in the online environment.

Microsoft’s Office 365 offerings start as low as $5 per user per month for email services and go up to $20.20 for the complete suite of office applications. With a variety of options available, we can help tailor a package that meets your specific business requirements. Contact us today to learn more.

You have the option to sign up for and activate your Microsoft Office 365 applications directly online here. However, for added convenience and support, you can also choose to work with a Microsoft partner like PCTECHNZ for a seamless setup experience.

Office 365 Support and Setup

PCTECHNZ delivers versatile cloud and hybrid cloud options tailored for your business needs, including Office 365. Partnering with an excellent IT Support team like ours, we offers you the comprehensive solutions you need to operate your business, along with the added benefit of peace of mind. Schedule a consultation with one of our technical specialists today to discover how we can assist you.

Why choose PCTECHNZ for your managed Cloud Computing Services?

At PCTECHNZ, we adopt a comprehensive approach to meet your IT requirements. Starting with an initial consultation, we work closely with you to design a system that aligns with your specific needs and offer customised services. Our offerings include cloud migration and cloud-based backup solutions, as well as modernising your communication channels through Office 365.

Our seasoned team has hands-on experience with a variety of third-party cloud service providers, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and more. This ensures that we can guide you to the cloud solution that best fits your business needs. In addition to helping you select the ideal cloud service provider, we also offer managed cloud services to save you time and effort.

We understand that every business is unique, and that’s why we tailor our services to suit your individual needs. With our ongoing maintenance and support, we remain available to address any additional requirements you may have to ensure your IT solutions continue to serve you effectively. If you’re considering making the transition to a cloud-based solution, we’d be delighted to discuss the possibilities with you. Please feel free to reach out to us.

Revolutionise your business through our customised IT Consulting Services

Picture a thriving company from the early 2000s that fails to modernise its software and hardware. Regardless of its stellar reputation and loyal customer base, a business that doesn’t adapt its systems will eventually fall behind its competitors. This underscores the critical importance of ongoing innovation and digital transformation in today’s business environment.

While digital transformation is essential for staying competitive, it can also be a complex and time-consuming process. Balancing hardware and software upgrades while ensuring seamless business operations can be challenging.

PCTECHNZ eases the complexities of digital transformation by thoroughly examining your business model and identifying the essential upgrades needed to bring your operations into the modern age. As specialists in digital transformation, we ensure your business not only meets but exceeds customer expectations and remains relevant.

Furthermore, PCTECHNZ facilitates a smooth transition by leveraging extensive expertise in everything from cyber security to enhanced connectivity, keeping your business a step ahead of the competition.

We can solve anything.

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“Before partnering with PCTECHNZ, we faced consistent vulnerabilities in our digital infrastructure, especially given the sensitive nature in the finance industry. Their unparalleled expertise in endpoint protection has fortified our systems, ensuring the utmost security for our clients’ data.”

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