Terms of Service

Update as of August 2023

The terms outlined in these “Support Services Terms and Conditions” regulate how the Client utilises the Support Services provided by PCTECHNZ. When the Client subscribes to or uses PCTECHNZ’s Support Services, they automatically agree to adhere to these Support Services Terms. These terms are an integral part of the overarching Master Service Agreement between the Client and PCTECHNZ. Any terms that are not explicitly defined within these Support Services Terms will be interpreted as per their definitions in the PCTECHNZ Master Service Agreement.


Service Subscription Required: The privilege to access this Service is required upon the Client having an active Service Subscription.

Service Plan: Every Service Subscription comes with a designated Service Plan, as specified in the relevant Order and its accompanying Schedule of Services. Options for Managed Services Plans include:

  • Support Services
  • Support Services (Remote Only)


Monthly Service Time: The Client commits to a predetermined number of Monthly Service Hours, as outlined in the relevant Order and Schedule of Services. These hours can be utilised by the Client for IT-related tasks and are only accessible during PCTECHNZ’s standard business hours. Any Monthly Service Hours that go unused will roll over for a maximum of 90 days. After 90 days, any remaining unused hours will expire. In the event that these Services are discontinued, the Client will not receive any credit or refund for unused Monthly Service Hours. PCTECHNZ is not available for contact outside of regular business hours.

On-Demand Support. The Client qualifies for impromptu, unscheduled assistance through PCTECHNZ’s phone support system. The support services provided are responsive in nature, rather than anticipatory. Upon the Client’s request and need, PCTECHNZ will execute the necessary support actions.

Client Portal. The Client has access to a specialised portal where they can generate and monitor service tickets, manage projects, review Services and Agreements, keep track of Monthly Service Hours, and view and settle invoices.

Guaranteed Response Time. Within standard business hours, PCTECHNZ commits to answering support calls for high-priority issues within a 15-minute timeframe and to delivering remote assistance within one hours upon receiving a notification from the Client.


Should the Client opt for additional services, the details will be outlined in the Terms of Service for Supplemental Services.


Any approved employee of the Client can submit service requests through various channels, each associated with different levels of urgency.

High Priority

  • Telephonic: 09 930 6275

The Client agrees to consistently provide PCTECHNZ with remote access to the Client System. This access will be facilitated through a secure connection, firewall, and a dedicated high-speed internet link, which the Client commits to maintaining at all times.


As compensation for PCTECHNZ’s provision of Services under these Support Services Terms, the Client is obligated to pay PCTECHNZ a monthly fee as specified in the corresponding Order. Any alterations to the Monthly Service Hours will result in an extra monthly charge. Payments are to be made in monthly installments, with the first installment due upon the mutual signing of this Agreement.

Any service hours needed beyond the allocated Monthly Service Hours will be charged at an hourly rate.

If the Client chooses the “Remote-Only Support Services” option, any required Onsite Support will be billed at the Onsite Support Hourly Rate, as stated in the relevant Order.

The Client is solely responsible for all software and hardware expenses.

Repairing printer hardware failures is not covered under this Agreement. PCTECHNZ will delegate such repairs to either the manufacturer or a qualified third-party vendor, and additional service fees may apply.


“Monthly Service Hours” is defined as the amount of hours Client has contracted PCTECHNZ to provide per month and is defined on the referencing Order.

“Onsite Support” means any assistance provided by PCTECHNZ that is done on Client System that requires physical presence at Client location.

“Remote Support” means any assistance provided by PCTECHNZ that is done on Client System without physical presence at Client location.